What is a Tax ID Number and how to apply?

You've probably seen those "convenient" Internet based EIN, SS-4 applications that allow you to create a ready application. Those ads which promise to get a Tax ID in 24 hours or less if you apply online. However, what you may not know is that your private information can be used against you.

Why put your personal and professional business information at risk of being used carelessly or illegally? Although, you may want to save some time in applying for your EIN it's not worth the risk of losing your confidential information. Third party companies which provide these services, while well intentioned, will gather your information in order to market your additional services. However, while this is legitimate, your confidential information can be lost, stolen, misplaced by someone and finally end up in the wrong hands.

What is a Tax ID Number?

This is also known as a Business Tax ID number, EIN Tax ID, Employer ID Number or Federal Tax ID Number. The IRS is in charge if providing every business with an EIN.

What is the fastest way to obtain an Employment Identification Number? The fastest way to receive your EIN is by submitting an SS-4 or EIN application information to the IRS by telephone. You can apply directly to the IRS by telephone and get your EIN Tax ID right there. Or you can fax in your SS-4 document to your states IRS department. Or you can simply mail in your application. However, by mailing your application this may take some time for you to receive your EIN back. The quickest way is by telephone.

How can you apply for a Tax ID Number?

All you need is an SS-4 form from the IRS. After the page, has downloaded click on your print button, on your browser to print yourself a copy.

You may need additional forms mentioned in the instructions. Links to these forms are available on the right side of this page. If they are not available email us a message in case, we forgot to include one we missed.

If you are unable to download the copy, it maybe because you need to install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat. Scroll down to the section where all you need to do is type in your information in the 1-2-3 step procedure and click download. That's it.

After you've installed the software all you have to do is return on the SS-4 link or SS-4 Instructions. Adobe Acrobat will automatically start up and help you download the SS-4 document from the IRS.

How to fill out the form.

Filling out the information is very simple actually. In your downloaded SS-4 Instructions the IRS has done a great job of explaining what information you need. There used to be a time when you needed a lawyer to fill the application and submit it. This process has been greatly improved and now you can provide the information very easily. After you've completed in the information contact your local states IRS office.